Monday, May 5, 2014


I am currently transcribing the Census of England and Wales for Netley during the period of 1861-1911 to try and get a list of the people that lived, worked or were patients at Netley during this period.  This will take some time but as I complete a census I will publish it!

The census will only give a snapshot of who was at the Hospital but will prove to be a better record of who was there, than I currently have.

Please bear with me and if you know of anybody who lived at or was a patient at Netley in any capacity please leave a comment


  1. I am really interested in the Royal Victoria Hospital and recently visited the area as I discovered three of my descendants worked at the hospital and was delighted to find the grave of a great uncle William Henry Gillman, a steward who died young at Netley of TB and is buried in the cemetery. He was the son of Major David James Gillman (26years RAMC service), who retired as an 'out' Chelsea pensioner. James's brother Quartermaster Hon Lieutenant John Gillman (40years service) also RAMC, I have his army records, but cannot trace his demise. The research I have conducted shows that they both travelled extensively with their families and I have recently received a photo of David James in uniform with his wife. I would love to contribute my information to the blog, have downloaded an RSS feed but don't know what to do next. Any advice?

    1. I would love to add your information, contact me at

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