Sunday, December 15, 2013

Army Medical Staff and Medical Staff Corps at Drill

The source of this photograph and description is the Navy and Army Illustrated and is dated 19 Mar 1897

It shows the the Officers of the Army Medical Staff and the non-commissioned officers and men of the Medical Staff Corps at Ambulance Drill.   Each stretcher squad consisted of four men, one of whom carries a surgical haversack containing appliances for stopping bleeding, bandages, dressing, etc.

The Medical Officers and stretcher squads follow the fighting line, applying first-aid to the wounded under fire and then removing them as rapidly as possible and carefully as possible to the 'Collecting Station' whence they are carried by ambulance wagons to the 'Dressing Station'.  Here the wounded are more carefully examined, and such operations as are necessary are performed.  From the Dressing Station the wounded are sent on to the Field Hospitals.  In the foreground of the picture some wounded - here represented by men detailed for the duty - having been examined and the requisite dressings applied, are being placed on the stretchers, whist further, in the background, others are being laid in the wagons under the supervision of the Sergeant-Major.


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